How to link your Aadhar Card to Different Documents

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has developed a 12 digit Unique Identification number called Aadhar for Indian citizens on behalf of the Government of India which serves as proof of identity and address anywhere in India.  It is one of the most prominent identity documents in India. As per the order of UIDAI, Aadhar should be linked to SIM cards, bank accounts, passports, ration cards, etc. to ensure secure verification of the owners of these accounts and avoid any disruption of their services. It is one of the world’s biggest biometric identification systems.

Steps involved in the linking

To link with bank accounts, there are two modes- online and offline.

To initiate the online process, the citizen should be registered with their bank’s net banking services and log on to the bank’s website. Search for the e-KYC / Aadhaar / identity verification section and fill out the online form which will be displayed there meticulously. After submitting this application, the bank will undertake verification. This customer can also visit the nearest bank branch and collect the form, submit it and complete the linking process.

For ration cards, linking can be done online, offline, or by sending an SMS to 51969. One can visit the UIDAI website and click on the Ration Card Verification section, enter the requisite details and submit a form which will then go for backend verification. For the offline process, a person can get an Aadhaar Seeding Form from their ration provider and submit it along with the necessary documentary proofs.

 To link Aadhaar with a mobile number, there are two modes -online and offline. The person can visit the official website of their telecom operator, fill up the e-KYC form and upload all the required documents along with their Aadhar number. One can also visit the nearest branch of their telecom provider, fill up the Aadhar linking form and submit identity proofs, after which upon successful verification, linking is complete.

 The Indian government has made linking Pan to Aadhaar mandatory and this can be done in two ways – online or via SMS. One can visit the official website of the Income-tax Department, click on the link Aadhar tab, enter required details and submit the form. One can also send an SMS to 56161 in the format: UIDAI <Aadhar number><PAN number>.

 Voter ID linkage with the Aadhaar card will help to reduce the duplicity of voter ID. One can visit the official NVSP portal, create an account, search thor details in the database by providing the required details and click on the Feed Aadhaar Number option, fill out the form and submit it. Another way is to call 1950, provide Aadhar and voter ID details, which leads to successful verification. One can also visit their nearest Booth Level Officer, fill out the Linking Form by providing all necessary details and documents.

Linking Aadhaar with documents has several benefits- preventing misuse of the bank account, providing information about government schemes the person is eligible for, reducing fake voter IDs, reducing the misuse of ration cards, avail social security schemes provided by the Government of India, providing security, establishing a person’s identity and more. The goal is to establish Aadhar is the only ID proof that Indian citizens may need in the future.

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