How to apply for Pan Card and pay taxes using Aaykar Setu App

The globe is more technologically connected than ever before. We rely on mobile apps and websites for a wide range of tasks, big and small, crucial and unimportant. Even the Government of India (GOI) is constantly improving its system to fulfil residents’ digital needs. The Aaykar Setu app is one such attempt. It is also known as the income tax department app because it issues PAN cards and simplifies the tax-paying process.

If you want to download the app but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. This blog summarises all important information, from downloading the Aaykar Setu App to applying for a PAN Card.

Aaykar Setu App

Arjun Jaitley (Finance Minister) launched Aaykar Setu on July 10, 2017, with the goal of educating people about India’s Income Tax Department. The government’s goal with this programme is to communicate directly with taxpayers while minimising physical interaction between authorities. Furthermore, it responds to people’s questions and complaints and gives them up-to-date tax-related information.

Aaykar Setu has a variety of tax tools, real-time updates, and interactive live chat help. On the app, you’d see a number of links that would take you to various ITD processes. It will also keep you up to date on impending revisions, tax dates, and paperwork, ensuring that you don’t miss anything vital.


Before downloading an app, most people look at its features and user-friendliness. If you are one of these people, take a look at the Aaykar Setu features listed below:

  1. This app allows you to ask Income Tax professionals any questions you have.
  2. The app includes chatbots that provide users with rapid answers.
  3. For taxpayers, live chat help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  4. The software provides users with a one-of-a-kind keyword-based search capability. So, if you don’t know what to look for, just input a keyword related to your query, and the programme will find it for you.
  5. You can use the Aaykar Setu app to find a nearby TPS (Tax Payer Services) office. It contains information on all of the country’s TPS offices.
  6. TRPs are also included in the app (Tax Return Preparers). You could also find a TRP near you and obtain information such as name, address, email address, and phone number.

For PAN application

On the Aaykar Setu app, go to the PAN/TAN tab and do the following:

  1. A new screen will display, prompting you to select Yes or No to the question, “Do you have PAN?”
  2. Tapping on NO will take you to another screen where you can select from options such as:
  3. Why do you need PAN?
  4. Would you like to apply for a PAN?

5.Documents needed to apply for a PAN

  • Indian citizens can apply online.
  • Apply online as a foreign national

6. Choosing any of the alternatives will bring up the PAN Online Application form, which includes fields such as:

  • Type of Application (dropdown)
  • Classification (dropdown)
  • Title Last Name First Name Middle Name Birth Date
  • Email Address Mobile Phone Number
  • The Captcha Code

7.Fill out all of the fields to properly submit your PAN online application form.

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