How to register in the UMANG App?

Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance or UMANG, is a Digital India initiative by the Ministry of Electronics and information technology that enables users to access all government services through a single mobile interface. The users do not have to install different mobile apps in order to avail various government services.

UMANG was developed to bring governance to the fingertips of citizens through the ‘mobile-first’ strategy. It is a multilingual app that is operated by the National e-Governance Division or NeGD, in order to fast track mobile governance in India. Its primary aim Is to reduce the inconvenience faced by the users while managing multiple mobile apps and facilitate a one-stop solution to varied government services. Therefore, downloading one mobile app will help in the convergence of various efforts carried out separately to reach out to the citizens through the medium of mobile phones.


Some of the objectives behind developing the UMANG app are listed down below:

  1. To enable and facilitate the development of the overall mobile-based Service Delivery ecosystem in India
  2. To provide easy discoverability of services easy manageability and standardization of delivery of services
  3. To provide convenient access for individuals to various services through a single mobile application, easy to remember shortcode and single toll-free number
  4. To provide a quick number Enablement of e-Gov Applications/ services of various government departments through easy and fast integration, onboarding, mobile front-end roll-out by bringing their services on this mobile application platform
  5. To provide another value-added service to departments through a common platform and integration with telecom service providers and payment gateway.

Features of the platform

The features and benefits of the UMANG app are listed below:

  • Easy access

This app is not only limited to smartphones. and individual can use it on a desktop, tablet or even through SMS

  • Seamless integration

Through the UMANG app, consumers can enjoy seamless integration with all the government-related services including DigiLockers, Aadhar card, PayGov, etc. They can also check where Passport Seva Kendra’s Are located and also book appointments.

  • Single app for services

The best feature of the UMANG app is that it is a single platform for over 100  government services. The users will be able to gain access to a number of services on a unified platform using a range of different channels.

  • Customer service

The UMANG app has a dedicated Customer support team that resolves all the issues that a customer may have. The support team is available on all days of the week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Registration Procedure

Once you have installed and launched the UMANG app, you must complete the registration process in order to avail yourself of the services provided on the app. You can register for UMANG using your mobile number in the following way:

  1. Visit the UMANG website
  2. Click on the ‘user login’ option
  3. Click on ‘ new user’  and the registration screen will appear
  4. Fill in your mobile number and click ‘ next’ in order to continue. The mobile verification screen will appear
  5. Fill in the OTP received on the mobile number. in case the entered OTP is correct the set MPIN screen will appear
  6. Enter the MPIN  for confirmation
  7. Click ‘next’ in order to continue. The security questions screen will appear that will enable users to  recover their account in case they forget their MPIN
  8. Select the two questions and provide answers to them at the time of registration
  9.  Click ‘next’  to continue
  10.  The mobile number verification screen will appear where you must enter the OTP received
  11. The Umang  home screen will appear

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