How to apply for your Domicile Certificate online?

In order to avail the schemes offered by the government, one needs due documentation to help authorities identify the applicant and verify one’s identity. The Domicile certificate is one such proof that helps availing benefits of governmental schemes easier.

What is the domicile certificate?

The Domicile is basically a proof of residence. The certificate verifies that the applicant is a resident of the particular state for at least 15 years, and therefore is vital while availing state government scheme benefits.

How to apply for your Domicile certificate online?

With the digitization of several governmental processes,, the Domicile certificate application is also online now and here is how you can apply for it online

  • Visit the website: to get the application form
  • You would need the following documents during the submission of your application along with the photocopies of each document. The photocopies submitted must be attested by an SEO official/ Gazetted government officer
    1. The application form duly signed and printed
    2. SSC certificate

3. address proof like Voter ID card, ration card, etc

4. Birth certificate

5. passport size photos

6. an Affidavit for the above mentioned documents.

Offline application for Domicile

In case you do not have access to smart devices to be able to apply online for the domicile certificate, you can apply for it offline. Individuals who wish to obtain a domicile certificate can apply through one of the following authorities that offer the domicile certificate service:

  • Tehsildar office
  • Revenue office
  • Collector / deputy collector office
  • SDM office
  • District magistrate office
  • Mamlatdar office
  • Citizen service corners
  • Registrar or Sub-registrar office


A total fee of Rs 45 will be needed and the affidavit would cost Rs 200. Once your application goes through, you will be receiving the affidavit in a span of 15 days. There are some agencies who can help you get the domicile quicker, however, their charges might vary from agency to agency.

What is the fee charged for the domicile certificate?

The application fee charged for a domicile certificate varies from state to state. While some states do not charge any fee from the candidate, some other states may charge a nominal fee of ₹2 to ₹60, depending on the state you are applying from.

Does the Domicile certificate have validity?

Generally, the domicile has a life-long validity. However, some state authorities have restricted its validity depending on the purpose for which it is used. The minimum validity offered on a domicile certificate can be six months.

Summing it up

Using these methods, one can apply for the domicile certificate and avail the benefits of State government schemes designed specifically for the welfare of the states people.

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