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The central government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, unveiled the Khelo India Mobile App at the National Youth Parliament Festival two years ago. The Sports Authority of India (SAI) created this programme, which has a file size of 5.3 MB. All Android phone users can now easily download the Khelo India App from the Google Play Store. The Sports Authority of India created this application as part of the Khelo India Scheme of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

The Khelo India App provides you with information on various sports, sporting facilities, and fitness assessments for your children. Schools can now download the School Edition of the app, “Khelo India App,” to check the fitness of their pupils.

People can now use the Khelo India App to help India become a worldwide sporting power. The major goal of the launch of this mobile application is to Learn, Play, and Get Fit, and users can allow their enthusiasm for sports to take a new flight.


This mobile app, unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has three characteristics that aid in the identification of future champions among children across the country, as mentioned below: –

  1. Learn

The first area contains general information on rules, regulations, and videos from up to 18 different sports disciplines.

  • Play

The second section contains a comprehensive list of all of the country’s playing facilities. People can select sports and identify locations to play, and users can access data about sports facilities in their state and municipality. This section also contains information about SAI-managed sports facilities where children can acquire training and attain their competitive goals.

  • Get Fit

The third portion of the Khelo India App contains eight fitness tests that allow every athlete to identify their level of fitness and choose a sport they enjoy. This part also assists parents in keeping track of their children’s exercise activities. The government might recognise talented athletes at the school and community levels and offer them a platform to showcase their abilities on a larger stage with the assistance of necessary training. With the official introduction of the Khelo India Mobile App, India will be able to strengthen its dominance in multisport events such as the Asian Games, the Olympics, and the Commonwealth Games.

The Khelo India programme was developed to promote sports across the country and transform India into a sporting powerhouse in a variety of disciplines. A large number of athletes have come via the Khelo India contests in recent years, which try to identify talent at the grassroots level.

Khelo India App seeks to promote fitness culture among the general public and will assist adolescents in realising their athletic goals by providing accurate information on fitness and various types of sports.

Khelo India Mobile App is a complete mobile app that provides information on games, sports grounds, and health. After successfully installing the Khelo India new app on your mobile devices, open it and select the language to gain access to more functions. The Khelo India App is accessible in both Hindi and English.

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