How to apply for environmental permits

Here’s how you can apply for environmental permits:-

  • Concerning the permit

Indicate the permit number (as it appears on the front of your current permit) to which this application refers.

  • Concerning your suggested adjustments
  • Variation type

See ‘Environmental Permitting Charging Scheme and Guidance,’  If you are applying for an administrative variation, fill out the box with the specifics of the changes you desire, and then skip the rest of the questions on form RSRC3. Continue by filling out the form RSRF.

  • Alterations to activities If you wish to add a radioactive substances activity that isn’t already on your permit (for example, if you want to start keeping and utilising mobile radioactive apparatus for environmental studies), check the ‘add activity’ box in Table 1. Tick the relevant ‘delete activity’ box if you want to remove a radioactive substances activity that is presently listed on your permit (for example, if you want to discontinue retaining and utilising mobile radioactive apparatus for environmental investigations). It should be noted that this is not the same as surrendering your permission, and the permit will continue to apply to the sections of the site where the activity occurred until surrender is sought for and granted.
  • The specifics of the adjustments

Table 2 contains the information needed for a new permit application (see form RSRB3 of the form and guidelines). Tick the boxes to indicate which of those things will be affected by the modifications you propose if your variation application is approved.

  • Where changes may affect the impact of significant radioactive discharges and disposals to the water, soil, or airspace of notifiable countries (the Member States of the European Union and/or Norway), as described in the Transboundary Radioactive Contamination (England) Direction 2020, check the “Yes” box on the appropriate line in Table 2 if:

• your activity is the operation of a nuclear reactor as described in paragraph of the Direction, or operation of a facility to reprocess irradiated nuclear fuel as described in paragraph 2(b) of the Direction, or operation of other activities as described in paragraphs 2(c) to 2(i) and 2(k) of the Direction, and your radiological risk assessment indicates that: • the local represe

Otherwise, select “No.” Also, if your application is for a military facility or an activity that employs radioactive chemicals for military purposes, select “No.”

In relation to activities 2(g) and 2(k), “industrial-scale” and “industrial processing” are read as involving quantities of radioactive substances equal to or greater than the levels specified in Schedule 1 of the Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations 2019. When more than one radionuclide is present, the sum of fractions method should be used to assess applicability.

Provide details about your planned changes to the activities, any new activities to be added, and your proposed permit adjustments, explaining how each of the pertinent items in Table 2 is affected.

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