The Gazette of India Notices is published by the Publications Department and regularly printed by the Government of India Printing Offices. This is an authorized legal document from the Government of India. All parts, sections and subsections of the Gazette of India are uploaded to the relevant Government of India Printing Offices e-gazette website which is open to the general public and available under the Public domain.

The Responsible for Publication is the publisher, custodian and authorized seller of Government of India publications and newspapers, including the Gazette of India and Delhi Gazette, with their copyright. It is a quality product and is reasonably priced. It takes care of the storage, sale and distribution of all salable publications from different ministries/departments. Any violation of Indian copyright law is a violation of the law. all, are settled within the jurisdiction of Delhi.

The Releases Department is headed by the Releases Controller assisted by two Assistant Auditors and one Treasurer with a current staff of 227 under the supervision of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Details of the content of the Gazette of India notices published in various parts, sections and subsections of the Gazette of India

Part I

Section 1

Notices in relation to non-statutory rules, regulations, orders and decisions issued by the Departments of the Government of India (excluding the Department of Defense) and the Supreme Court of India.

Section 2

Notices of Appointments, Actions, Licenses etc. of Government Officials issued by  the Government Departments of India (excluding the Ministry of Defense) and  the Supreme Court of India

Section 3

Notifications related to Department of Defense decisions and extraordinary orders.

Section 4

Notices of Appointments, Promotions, Licenses, etc. of Public Officials issued by the Department of Defense.

Part II

Section 1

Laws, ordinances and regulations

Section 1 A (Hindi)

Authoritative Hindi texts  of laws, ordinances and regulations

Section 2

Bills and Reports of the Select Committee on Bills

Section 3

  • General Statutory Regulations (including ordinances, ordinances, etc. of a general nature) issued by  Government Departments (other than the Ministry of Defense) and  Central Authorities (other than the Union Territory Administration).
  • Statutory Orders and Notices issued by  Government Departments (except Ministry of Defense) and  Central Agencies (except Union Territories Administration).
  • Authoritative Hindi texts  (other than those published in Section 3 or Section 4 of the Gazette of India of General Statutory Rules and Statutory Orders (including General Statutes) issued by government departments (including the  Ministry of Defence) and by central authorities (other than the Administration of Union Territory).

Section 4

Legal regulations and orders of the Federal Ministry of Defense

Part III

Section 1

Notices from the High Courts,  Comptroller and Auditor General, Union Public Utility Commission, Government of India Railways and Affiliated and Subordinate Offices of the Government of India

Section 2

Notices and communications issued by the Patent Office relating to patents and designs.

Section 3

Notices issued by or under the authority of the Chief Commissioners.

Section 4

Other notices, including notices, notices of orders and notices of public bodies.

Part IV

Announcements and communications from individuals and private organizations.

Part V

Supplement with birth and death statistics etc. in English and Hindi

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