What is E-Dhara

What exactly is E Dhara Gujarat?

E-Dhara Gujarat is a land record digitisation system that allows users to browse land records in the state online using AnyROR from anywhere and update them as needed, whether for agricultural loans, electricity connections, or subsidies. The Gujarat government’s online land record system, E-Dhara, has won the award for best e-governance initiative from the government of India.

In reality, all 7/12 8A, 8/12 papers from 1.5 crore land records have been digitised and can be searched utilising the E-Dhara Gujarat site from anywhere on the AnyROR platform. This article explains how to search for land papers in Gujarat, obtain a 7/12 farmer certificate in Gujarat, apply for mutation, and update land records on AnyROR anyplace and E-Dhara.

Objectives of E-Dhara

The major goal of E-Dhara was to complete the computerization of land records throughout the state. Aside from that, the E-Dhara system’s primary goals are the removal of handwritten recordkeeping, a computer-controlled mutation process, and self-sufficiency.

It should be noted that all of the information offered on the E-Dhara portal is up to date, and no physical visit is required to obtain this information. The website is available in both Gujarati and English. You may, however, visit the appropriate office for further information. In addition, other than https://anyror.gujarat.gov.in, where you may see land records, the Gujarat Revenue Department currently does not have any other website or mobile app that is active.

The system’s other goals are as follows:

  • Enhancement of the quality of services supplied to residents.
  • Providing citizens with easy access to their records.
  • To increase transparency in the delivery of services to residents.
  • Land records should be updated as soon as possible.
  • Making land records unchangeable.
  • Reduced service delivery time – i.e., faster delivery of ROR with no delays.
  • A platform for improving citizen-centric services.

Banglarbhumi Land record in West Bengal

E Dhara: Services offered:

  • 7/12 Utara Gujarat
  • 8a extract
  • Land record Gujarat
  • Online mutation
  • RoR anywhere

What exactly is RoR?

The record of rights, or RoR, is a document that contains a wealth of information on a property lot.

The following facts are contained in the RoR:

  • Who is the rightful owner of the land?
  • What is the total number of owners?
  • What is each owner’s share?
  • What kind of land is it?
  • What type of crop is cultivated on this property?
  • What is the land’s exact location?
  • How many times has the land been sold?
  • Is there debt on the property?
  • Is there a legal issue on the property?

What exactly is 7/12 Utara online?

The 7/12 Utara online or 7/12 Utara Gujarat is a legal document that provides land information. These specifics include the survey number, location, owner, ownership pattern, and so on. The 7/12 farmer certificate Gujarat is a mixture of two forms: Form 7, which contains information on the landowner and his rights, and Form 12, which contains information about the land, such as its size, kind, and usage, among other things. This paper is also available on the E Dhara site.

E Dhara: The Importance of ROR in Every Situation

The most significant feature of the Gujarat land records system is that it preserves the rights of landowners. So, once formally registered with the department, the farmer will be entitled to all of his rights in a transparent manner and will not be at the mercy of anybody. He may easily obtain the Gujarat 7/12 farmer certificate. In addition, he will protect himself from difficulties such as land grabbing or unlawful land purchase. A farmer can obtain bank loans by using documentation registered with the Gujarat government’s E-Dhara. Finally, these documents assist the farmer in defending his interests in the event of a judicial struggle.

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