How to use the CBSE Academic Repository?

The students of the Central Board of Secondary education or CBSE can find their mark sheets, pass and migration certificates with just one click.

In order to provide easy access, the CBSE has launched its digital academic repository, known as Parinam Manjusha.

It is used by educational institutions, students and employers to verify academic records and access academic certificates. The repository was developed by the board in collaboration with NEGD or Digi locker which is available here

The users of the platform have to register on the website and check the applicants’ certificates after paying the verification fee online. The documents will be sent to the employer through e-mail and the applicant will be notified about the same. This eliminates the possibility of students submitting fake documents.

In order to provide transparent, paperless and tamper-proof certificates, the CBSE board uses blockchain technology for recording its result certificates in a linked chain structure.

This network was established with nodes at Pune, Bengaluru and Jaipur. Currently, the Parinam Manjusha is managed by NIC at its data centres.

The result data of class 10 and 12 examinees of 18 years starting from 2004 to 2021 is available online for downloading of digital academic documents by students and verification by employers and higher education institutions.

Utility of the repository

Employers and educational  institutions

The educational institutions and employers can use this repository in order to verify academic records of CBSE students online after the registration


The students can receive their mark sheets, pass certificate and migration certificate of CBSE examinations through Digi locker. Parinam Manjusha has also been integrated with e-sanad software of the Ministry of External Affairs in order to offer hassle-free access to verified and attested certificates as well as documents and mark sheets of students studying in schools and educational institutions affiliated to the CBSE board and also potential employers

CBSE and regional offices

Regional offices of CBSE can access, store as well as update academic records of students in a central repository

Procedure to use

Employer or educational institutions

Any employer or educational institution that wishes to verify and check the authenticity of the student’s academic records online needs to register first. In order to do so, click here.


The digital certificates of CBSE examinations that have been conducted in 2017 or after are available in Digi locker. The students have to log in to their Digi locker application to get the certificates. For registering a Digi locker account, click here.

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