How to use ServicePlus?

ServicePlus is a software application envisaged as part of phase II of the e-Panchayat MMP. It is a very general application that provides an electronic delivery for all services.

ServicePlus attempts to address the issues by providing a single, metadata-based unified portal to the citizens and government as well where any service can be defined, delivered, assessed, and monitored. It also has a built-in mechanism for redressal of grievances that are related to deficiency or failure in the delivery of service.

The central government of India, state governments of India, and local governments of India are providing various services that benefit the citizens at the Central, state and local level primarily to the Government to Citizens or G2C and Government to Business or G2B. The services that are provided are either mandated by the legislature or demand-driven.

Services provided

 The services provided by the government through ServicePlus are categorised in the following manner:

  • Regulatory Services

Regulatory services are services like permits for the construction of a building, trade licence, etc., that can be rejected by the government.

  • Statutory Services

Statutory services are services like the issuing of birth or death certificates that cannot be denied by the government

  • Developmental Services

Development services are services or schemes That are provided by the government for the benefit of citizens like IAY, Old age pension, NREGS, etc

  • Consumer Utilities Services

Consumer utility services are services like bill payment and other utility services.


ServicePlusIs is a generic application that provides electronic delivery of all government services. It was an initiative of the  Ministry of Panchayati Raj who came forward with the idea of automating the already existing manual processes with a computerised Service Delivery mechanism in order to benefit the end-user.

The audience of ServicePlus will be the citizens along with the central and state government officials and third-party vendors that are involved in the service delivery. However, the citizens will be the primary beneficiary of this software.


The features of ServicePlus can be divided into the following:

  • For the citizens
  1. It is a single portal that provides access to various services across the country
  2. Online registration along with references for proactive alerts
  3. An online repository that uploads and manages various documents
  4. It provides online tracking irrespective of the mode of submission
  5. It is an integrated online grievance submission and redressal
  • For the Government
  1. It is an easy to use interface that quickly configures and launches a service
  2. It is a transparent and efficient Service Delivery mechanism
  3.  it has inbuilt tools that monitor the performance of individual functionaries and offices
  • For the Service Centre Agencies (SCAs)
  1. Bulk registration of CSC  as well as non-CSC kiosks
  2.  activation as well as the activation of kiosks
  • For the Kiosk Operators
  1. Facilitates the application and the tracking of applications on behalf of citizens

Procedure of logging in

The registered users of ServicePlus can log in by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the official homepage of the ServicePlus Portal
  2. Tap on the login option
  3. After clicking on the login option, the login window of ServicePlus  will appear

Procedure for tracking status

The registered users can check the status of the ServicePlus Portal by either login in or from the homepage. The steps mentioned below is how you can access the status of ServicePlus via a login.

  1. After you have registered and logged in to the  ServicePlus Portal, the dashboard will appear on the screen
  2. Click on the option ‘ view status of application’
  3. Next,  click on the option ‘ track application status’
  4. You will be directed to a different window where you have to provide the dates between whom the application status is to be taken
  5. Provide the application reference number and click on the ‘get details’ option

Lastly, the status of the application wi

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