How to register a complaint on National Ujala Dashboard?

What is the National Ujala Scheme?

The LED lamp, according to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, is a “Prakash Path” , that is, a “path to light.”

A simple step of changing one light bulb to LED in the Prime Minister’s office in South Block sparked a nationwide campaign to explore the same change. The campaign is part of the Indian government’s attempts to propagate the message of energy efficiency throughout the country. The UJALA plan intends to promote energy efficiency at the household level by increasing consumer knowledge of the benefits of using energy-efficient equipment and aggregating demand to minimise the high initial costs, hence encouraging greater uptake of LED lighting by residential users. It should be mentioned that the plan was formerly known as DELP (Domestic Efficient Lighting Program) before being renamed UJALA.

Who is eligible for LEDs under the UJALA scheme, and what are the prerequisites for purchasing LEDs?

Under the UJALA Scheme, every residential home with a metered connection from their individual Electricity Distribution Company is entitled to receive LED lights.

The LED may be purchased on EMI or on an upfront payment of the entire cost.

To obtain the UJALA LED bulb, the consumer must bring the following documents:

1) For EMI, a copy of the most recent power bill and a copy of a government-issued ID are required.

2) Upfront – a copy of a government-issued ID verification.

Where and how to get an LED bulb?

UJALA LED lights are delivered using customised counters (kiosks) located in strategic locations around a city. These will not be sold in retail outlets. The distribution counters’ location data are available at, where the places are geo-tagged for consumer convenience.

What if the LED bulb burns out? Is there a guarantee?

If the LED bulb stops operating due to a technical problem, EESL will give free replacements for a year. All replacements are completed at specified replacement/distribution kiosks, as listed on These LEDs can be changed at any of the UJALA kiosks throughout the delivery period. Following distribution, there will be state-specific replacement drives that will identify retail stores where replacement will be accessible.

Where to register a complaint?

The customer has four sorts of redressal methods accessible to him or her:

  • Complaints during distributing can be sent to our distribution agency’s customer service centre, which is advertised in our commercials and awareness campaigns. EESL has guaranteed that a toll-free hotline number associated with the manufacturer is listed on the UJALA LED bulb box as well as the permission agreement (payment receipt). Once the distribution period has expired, users can contact the appropriate manufacturer via these hotline lines to get a new bulb. The manufacturer will direct the consumer to the nearest retail location where the bulbs with technical problems can be changed.
  • EESL has a sophisticated social media response mechanism in place, with consumers able to Tweet their complaint to EESL’s Twitter handle @EESL India.
  • You may also send a thorough email with a description and contact information to [email protected].
  • On the top right of the UJALA Dashboard (, there is a complaint/grievance resolution tab. Consumers can use this platform to voice their concerns. All concerns are generally handled within 48 hours of receipt and resolved satisfactorily.
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