How to Apply for Aadhaar Card for Minors

For Indian citizens, Aadhaar has been portrayed as the most important and dependable confirmation of identity and residence. It not only contains the cardholder’s personal information but also his or her biometric data, making it extremely difficult to fabricate. The Aadhaar issuing authority, UIDAI, has established provisions for this scheme to encompass all residents living in India, regardless of age.

Aadhaar Card for Children Under 5 Years Old

Before enrolling their children in Aadhaar, parents should be aware of the following aspects of the Aadhar card for children under the age of five:

  • All minors below 5 years of age, including newborns, are eligible for an Aadhaar card.
  • These blue Aadhaar cards are known as Baal Aadhaar cards.
  • In this situation, no biometrics of the child is collected.
  • For Aadhaar, only the child’s photograph is taken.
  • It is mandatory to submit the Aadhaar of at least one of the parents.
  • If both parents do not have Aadhaar, they must first enrol for Aadhaar.
  • Once the child reaches the age of five, he must give biometric data for all ten fingers as well as an iris scan.
  • During the process, a photograph is also taken.
  • When the child becomes 15 years old, the practise must be repeated.
  • There is no charge for any of the above-mentioned services.

Aadhaar for Children Between the Ages of 5 and 15

Children between the ages of 5 and 15 are granted Aadhar cards in the same way that adults are. There is no distinction been made by the UIDAI between Aadhaar for children and Aadhaar for adults. However, there are several distinguishing elements of Aadhaar for children aged 5 to 15:

  • The enrollment procedure is comparable to that of adults.
  • The only distinction is the sort of documentation that must be supplied.
  • When the child reaches the age of 15, he must have his biometric data (all ten fingerprints, iris scans, and photos) updated.
  • In all circumstances, the birth certificate/hospital discharge certificate must be given.
  • If the biometrics do not correspond in the future, the biometric information can be revised again (a chargeable service).

How to Apply for Baal Aadhaar for a Child Under 5 Years Old

The procedure for registering children in Aadhaar differs from that of adults. The types of documentation necessary for enrolling children in Aadhaar are also diverse. Here’s how to apply for Aadhaar for children under the age of five:

Step 1: Go to an Aadhaar Enrolment Center in your nearby locality

Step 2: Fill out the Aadhaar Enrolment Form, including your Aadhaar number.

Step 3: For registering children under the age of five, any one of the parents must give Aadhaar details.

Step 4: Your child’s photograph shall be clicked.

Step 5: Fill the address and other information from the Aadhaar card of the parents.

Step 6: Submission of a copy of the kid’s birth certificate/discharge certificate from the hospital will be required.

Step 7: The Aadhaar executive will provide you with the acknowledgement slip with your enrolment number.

Step 8: Use the enrolment number to check the status of the Aadhaar generation.

How to Apply for Aadhaar for Children Over the Age of 5?

You should follow the below mentioned steps to enrol your child between the ages of 5 and 15 in Aadhaar:

Step 1: Apply for Aadhaar for your child at your closest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre.

Step 2: Complete the Aadhaar Enrolment form with all of the relevant information.

Step 3: If you do not have a legitimate address evidence for your child, mention your Aadhaar number and details.

Step 4: Submit the form to the executive along with any supporting documents.

Step 5: The child’s biometric information will be collected by the executive (10 fingerprints, iris scan, and photograph)

Step 6: Following the completion of the operation, an acknowledgement slip will be generated.

Step 7: The acknowledgement sheet includes the enrolment ID, which includes the enrolment number as well as the time and date of the enrolment.

Step 8: Use the enrolment ID to verify the status of your Aadhaar card.

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