eProcurement System

The eProcurement System is a method of purchasing products electronically via the internet. This facility significantly shortens the tendering cycle time, saves most indirect expenses, and improves procurement transparency.

To use the eProcurement system, you must have a computer with a Pentium IV processor or above and an internet connection. It is advised that the connection be a dedicated connection for the system to run smoothly. Java should be enabled in the browser. (Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome) The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) driver must be installed just once in the system. Drivers are offered by DSC providers in addition to DSC ( in CD or can be downloaded). The client machine must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. This can be downloaded through the eProcurement System’s download links. Please keep in mind that the client system must have administrator privileges in order to install the DSC drivers and JRE.

How to get enrolled online in the eProcurement System

As a bidder, registering for eProcurement online is simple. Return to the Tenders Home Page Simply click the Online Bidder Enrollment link and fill out the online registration form. After submitting successfully, the registered login id can be used to log in. Then, log in again and associate your Digital Signature Certificate with your account, completing the online enrollment process.

Bidders must have a class 3 DSC with simply a Signing Certificate in order to be mapped on the portal.

After registering on the eProcurement system, you may simply log in to the portal with your user ID, password, and Digital Signature Certificate.

Your enrollment is valid for the duration of your company’s existence. However, if your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) expires, you must renew it from the Certifying Authority and re-enrol in the DSC. This may be different in some states’ e-procurement systems, where you may have to check with the respective authorities to see whether they will authorise your enrollment before you may participate.

Duration of time it takes for the DSC to be recognized by the eProcurement Portal

Bidders should check that the status of DSC is active on this site when enrolling in this e-Procurement portal. It may take up to 24 hours for newly issued DSC to be activated. As a result, customers getting new DSCs should register at least 24 hours in advance to avoid last-minute enrollment issues.

Security of bid documents in the eProcurement Portal

Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, all sensitive documents on the e-tendering site are encrypted and kept on the server. Technical and financial documents are both encrypted and saved. Even the system administrator is unable to examine the bid documents prior to the bid opening. The papers are only translated into readable format once they have been decrypted by authorised bid openers.

Precautionary measures to be taken in the eProcurement system for submission of bids

Please prepare your materials ahead of time and submit them well before the closing date and time. While scanning your documents, strive to make the file size as small as possible to ensure a smooth bid submission. In the BOQ, enter values only in the proper spaces. Make no changes to the file or sheet names. If you are unable to submit at the last minute owing to a local power outage or an internet outage, you may miss out on the opportunity to participate.

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