Unreserved ticket through Mobile Application – UTS app

To promote the paperless economy, Indian Railways has launched its new UTS  mobile app. This official Android mobile ticketing app allows booking paperless tickets without booking, issuance/renewal of season tickets and platform tickets. The app introduced two mobile ticket booking modes Paper Ticket and Paperless Ticket.

Indian Railways launched unbooked tickets via mobile app (UTS app)  on December 27, 2014, from suburban Mumbai. From November 1, 2018, booking of non-reserved tickets for all non-suburban sections on all zone railways is available via the UTS app to enable seamless booking of non-reserved tickets on all  Indian railways. This app is available for Android and IOS phones.


Some of the benefits are:

  1. No waiting in the ticket line.
  2. Paperless and environmentally friendly.
  3. As soon as a ticket is booked, the ticket TTE can also be viewed in offline mode without an internet connection.
  4. Book on the go: Passengers who are in a hurry or decide to travel at short notice can only arrive at the station. Scan the QR code displayed in various places around the station. Scan it and book the ticket. This service is currently available at 1600 stations.
  5. Wallet, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI and E-Wallets.
  6. Cheaper: The customer who uses the RailWallet Facility receives a 5% top-up bonus. For example, if a passenger tops up their wallet for Rs 1000, they will get the top-up value of Rs 1050

Services provided

Currently, the mobile application offers the following services.

  1. Reservation of tickets, season tickets and platform tickets.
  2. Cancellation of the local transport ticket.
  3. Issue/extension of the season ticket.
  4. R-Wallet balance verification.
  5. R-Wallet delivery.
  6. User profile management
  7. Booking history

Journey ticket booking

The passenger can book a paperless ticket through the mobile application and the ticket will be self-delivered through the mobile application. The passenger can travel without taking a printed copy of the ticket with him. To book a paperless ticket and platform ticket, the smartphone must be GPS-enabled.

Passengers can book regular round-trip tickets (no concessionaires). The travel date is always the current date. Pre-reservation of tickets is not possible.

Passenger has two ways to book tickets:

  1. Normal booking
  2. Express booking: The frequent travel route defined at registration is displayed along with the default class, ticket type, train type and the number of passengers.

Platform Ticket booking

Only one paperless PF ticket is allowed via the utsonmobile app. The paperless PF ticket is only valid  for 2 hours after booking. The reserved ticket cannot be cancelled and is automatically removed from the app.

Pre-requisite for availing of UTS onmobile app

The passenger must have an Android/Windows smartphone. The phone must have minimal GPRS connectivity to use the Services. The passenger must first deposit money into their railway wallet (R-Wallet). GPS must be  enabled

Registration procedure

In order to register, follow the steps given below:

  1. Registration can be done through the mobile phone application or website
  2. The passenger first registers by providing their mobile phone number, name, city, standard reservation, train type, class, ticket type, number of passengers, frequent travel routes and payment option.
  3. Registration will send an SMS with login ID and password to the user and a Zero balance R-Wallet will be created at no additional cost.
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