Digital Police Portal

The Digital Police Portal is also called the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System abbreviated to CCTNS. It was announced by the Union Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh. Officially came into existence on the 21st of August 2017 which was a Monday and requires a complete update on the past database which justified that it will take a certain period to complete the process. It was predicted that the complete functionality of the portal will take about 1 year and be fully functional from March in the year 2018. CCTNS can use this extended period to achieve its overall goals.

The motive behind the launching of the Digital Police Portal was for online cybercrime complaint registration, verification of service, and online request for passport verification. The basics are to maintain a single centralized national database of crimes and criminals by integrating with the present databases of the CCTNS.

Progress of the hotel is that of 16671 police stations with 13775 bins registered on the digital platform and enabling them to enter 100% of the data in the software. Information regarding crime criminals and discrepancies can be found in a matter of moments through a few clicks and searches.

How is the digital police portal a smart policing initiative?

  1. For the purpose of investigation, data analytics, research, and investigation, authorized persons can use the national database of criminal records.
  1. Can use the digital police portal to file crime-related complaints online coma protection from employees, certification of antecedent also.
  1. The portal makes information available in one place of crimes that took place throughout the country. It is related to information such as stolen property recovery, unidentified dead bodies, missing persons, and so on. The information provided will expedite the police investigations to solve the crime and to provide antecedent verification services to the citizen.
  2. To protect the privacy of individuals for reasons such as national security, crime, and criminal data and reports will be freely available to police officers only.

Citizens who are looking for criminal antecedent information or verification services will be provided specific information through responses in their emails.

How to place an online complaint

  1. The first step is to visit the official website of the digital police portal.
  1. The option of services to citizens has to be selected.
  1. An option will be selected from the links of 1,2 and 3 which are cybercrime, Central citizen services, and services of the state police-citizen portal respectively.
  1. The Selected link will redirect the user to another dedicated portal where the online complaint can be placed.

Services available for citizens

Cybercrime, generating vehicle NOC, locating the nearest police station, proclaiming offenders’ information, obtaining FIR copies, checking the status of complaints, details of arrested persons, submission of requests of issues or renewals of various analyses, and many more are available at the hotel.

The National Crime Records Bureau is an attached office of the ministry of home affairs and has the mandate to empower the Indian police with Information Technology Solutions along with criminal intelligence to enable them to enforce the law effectively. The digitization of the police forces began in 1971 and the NCRB started in 1995. In the future, the NCRB is looking to conduct police, prosecution, forensic labs, and prisons into an Interpolerable criminal justice system which will facilitate data exchange between all various pillars of the criminal justice system.

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