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To provide the taxpayers with solutions to tax-related issues, the Income Tax Department of the country has introduced a mobile app called Ayekar Setu. It was launched under the able leadership of our Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley on the 10th of July 2017. This service will also enable the users to link their PAN along with their 12 digits Unique Identification Number which is also called their Aadhaar number.

As per reports, the Aayakar Setu app is currently available on the Android platform but the Central Board of Direct taxes also known as CBDT is planning on the infrastructural availability of it on desktops as well. To be downloaded by giving a missed call to 73065 25252. An income tax consultant is always available and can be taken help from the comfort of your home in this manner.

Salient information about the Taxpayer Web Service

Setu means bridge and Ayekar means taxpayer. In simple words, this web service acts as a bridge between a taxpayer and the Income Tax Department to bring them closer to removing any barriers and enable transparent communication. The services can be availed for free.

Features of the taxpayer service

  1. Live chat is available that will clear out any queries by tax experts on a real-time basis.
  1. The nearest tax return preparer can be located on the web service. A tax return preparer is someone who can professionally assist a consumer or a citizen in preparing the taxes to be filed with the department.
  1. Online payment of taxes is also an option that is available on the web service.
  1. The closest taxpayer service, also known as TPS, can be located on the web service.
  1. A client can even go ahead and apply for a PAN card on the web service.
  1. A game called Tax Gyan teaches consumers about tax in an entertaining manner which includes multiple-choice questions and has options for the difficulty level of the game.
  1. The web service has a facility that keeps the client up-to-date about tax dates and forms that have to be filled and submitted for various purposes.
  1. An option for grievance redressal, giving of TDS details Form 16, and many more.

How to download the Ayekar Setu app and avail its Web services

  1. The call can be given to 73065 25252 after which the Income Tax Department works and an installation link through the SMS to the same number. Clicking on the link will redirect the user to the application and also provide an insulation option on the phone.
  1. Directly search on Google  Playstore and download from there.
  2. A QR code is also available on the Income Tax Department’s website which can be scanned and downloaded

A QR code is also available on the Income Tax Department’s website which can be scanned and downloaded

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