What is the Cybercrime Reporting Portal?

The Cybercrime Reporting Portal is an initiative of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India under the National Mission for the safety of women in order to facilitate victims/complainants to report cybercriminal complaints online. It is a platform through which the citizens of India can report a cybercrime that has been committed against them online.

It was launched along with the inauguration of the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (14C) in New Delhi. The whole mote and scheme of launching and reducing cybercrime in India were divided into seven different parts. They are as follows:

  1. National Cybercrime reporting portal
  2. National Cybercrime threat analytics unit
  3. National Cybercrime Research and innovation centre
  4. National Cybercrime forensic laboratory ecosystem
  5. Cybercrime ecosystem management unit
  6. Platform for Joint cybercrime investigation team

From the seven components, the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal was launched for the affected citizens who could directly as well as quickly report Cybercrimes online through it. After the due reporting, the concerned law enforcement agencies would look into the case and take prompt actions as per law.

The portal tries to bridge the gap by having a dedicated team of experts and investigations look into the matter urgently and serve justice to the affected person or victim.

The Cybercrime Reporting Portal provides different categories of complaint which includes online as well as social media-related crime, online cyber trafficking, online gambling, hacking, cryptocurrency crime, cyber terrorism, ransomware, and many more related crimes. Moreover, in the cases of crime against women and children, the victim has the liberty to mask their name and report it anonymously. This facility helps the victims in an efficient manner by protecting their identity.

The Cybercrime Reporting Portal also provides explanations of 24 different crimes like smishing, phishing, spamming, ransomware, vishing, sexting, sim swap scam, website defacement, cybersquatting, pharming, and many more.

It also offers basic online safety tips and safe practices which may assist in making the online experience of users more productive and safe. The Cybercrime Reporting Portal also contributes towards making citizens aware of the increasing crime rates in cyberspace.

Registration Procedure

The interested party can register a complaint on the portal, he or she has to visit the official website.

  1. There are various tabs for reporting women or child-related crimes and other cybercrimes. The user can choose the relevant category
  2. The user will then be asked to fill in the basic details of the crime and their personal details. Then, the citizens of India can log in by filling in the state, login ID, mobile number, OTP sent to the mobile number and captcha.
  3. Then, the user will be directed to a new page where they have to give the details of the cybercrime like the category of complaint, subcategory of complaint, date, place and time of the incident, etc
  4. Once all the details are provided by the users along with the relevant proof of the suspect, the crime is registered and the victim receives the tracking ID of the case reported
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