How to apply for Smart Card issued by the Government

What exactly is a Smart Card Driver’s License?

A Smart Card Driving Licence (SCDL) is a tamper-proof Driving Licence in the form of a plastic card with an embedded microprocessor chip with 64 kb memory that stores all information about the driver.

Though not yet available in all Indian states, this Smart Card driving licence is considered preferable to a traditional driving licence because it stores the licence holder’s information on a single card.

All of the applicant’s biometric data, such as blood group, thumb and fingerprint, retina scan, body markings, and so on, is recorded on the smart card DL and is also kept by the RTO / RTA office.

Each state’s RTO department (where these types of licences are issued) has specific software installed that can read the encoded information in SCDL for this purpose. The main advantage of this Smart Card driving licence is that it eliminates the need to continuously worry about the driving licence tearing, being cut, being wet, and so on, making it easy to carry in one wallet.

Another advantageous feature of this Smart Card type DL is that it will assist the transportation department in maintaining and safeguarding the data of licence holders, which can be used to track and trace any defaulter using their biometric data.

Obtaining a Smart Card Driving Licence Online

The procedure of applying for a Smart Card Driving Licence has been greatly simplified as a result of the online services introduced by several state RTOs. For your convenience, below is a brief overview of the process of applying for a Smart Card Driving Licence.

  • Visit the website of your state’s transportation department to acquire an online application form for a Smart Card Driving Licence. The appropriate form must be downloaded and correctly filled out.
  • Find out what documents you need to submit with your application form for your profile. You can refer to the previous section’s list of documents.
  • To find out how much you will be paying for your Smart Card Driving Licence, consult the RTO website’s schedule of fees and charges.
  • To apply for a Smart Card driving licence, you must go to your local RTO. You can also make an appointment with the relevant RTO in your city/locality to obtain your smart card driving licence online.
  • When you arrive at the RTO Office, you must first have your paperwork reviewed/validated by the appropriate authority before paying the money at the counter. Following that, you will be asked to provide biometrics at the counter, where your photograph, fingerprints, and other personal information will be collected for the database.
  • You can also verify the information being put into the database for factual accuracy with the help of recent changes in the procedure. Applicants will be able to cross-check the information they have submitted and call out any inaccuracies.
  • To obtain a Smart Card Driving Licence, you must first take a driving test and pass it. The SCDL will be mailed to the registered address as soon as possible.
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